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Should Tyus Bowser start at SAM linebacker?

Washington Redskins v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

At the SAM linebacker position, the Ravens have undergone and now completed the transition from the ahtleticsm deficient Courtney Upshaw and the solid but unspectacular Albert McClellan to the ascending Matt Judon and the rookie Tyus Bowser, who is playing like a five year veteran.

Bowser was touted as a tremendously athletic prospect, testing in the 95th SPARQ percentile but it is the discipline he has shown in coverage and the technique in setting the edge that has some wondering if he should be the weak one starter opposite Terrell Suggs.

While Judon is the better, more refined pass rusher, Bowser's natural athleticism can be used on blitzes. His overall versatility and what it will allow the Ravens to do schematically should trump his individual flaws when compared to his counterpart.

Today's NFL puts players like Bowser on the forefront. There is virtually no advantage of trying to isolate Bowser in space. He was built to thrive in space. Judon on the other hand, can be had, as the third-and-eight late in the second quarter against the Bills showed.

Bowser can impact multiple facets of the game. While he is not elite in one exact area, the SAM linebacker position puts the onus on one's versatility. How Bowser and Judon's usage are determined will be an interesting story to follow