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Brandon Carr proving to be a fantastic free agent signing for Ravens

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

When the Ravens entered the 2017 free agent window, most expected the brass to bolster the offense. Contrary to popular opinion, the Ravens decided to invest in the defensive side of the ball. Both free agent Dallas Cowboy cornerbacks were available on the market. Morris Claiborne was heavily linked with the Ravens but it was his teamate Brandon Carr that was evantually signed to a one year deal with ad-ons that could take it up to a four year deal.

Carr was thought of as the safer, less flashy signing but so far into the season, Carr has been nothing short of spectacular. His durability almost ensures that he will play a full 16 game season, and if he is to keep treading the path he is own, his play could culminate in a pro bowl appearance.

Carr has been extremely physical in press coverage, no matter who he has been tasked with covering, including A.J. Green. It is the ball skills that have resulted in two interceptions in two games that have been surprising. Carr was especially good in Week 2, as was noted by Pro Footbalk Focus.

The addition of Carr has allowed the Ravens to match up with opponents using press coverage across the board. After the revolving door at the position opposite Jimmy Smith seen for years, the Ravens have found talent to match with reliability which in turn has allowed the Ravens to return to their agressive roots.

Carr has not looked old and has not looked slow. Though he has yet to be tested by the elite quartebacks, Ravens fans have reason to be encouraged.