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Ravens lost all guards on original May roster

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Back in May, the Baltimore Ravens had four guards on the roster.

  1. Marshal Yanda
  2. Alex Lewis
  3. John Urschel
  4. Nico Siragusa

Now, five months later, all of them are no longer on the playing field.

It was announced less than an hour ago, that Marshal Yanda suffered an ankle fracture, and will be out for the season.

Back in August, Alex Lewis suffered a season ending injury, as his shoulder did not respond to treatment.

During training camp, rookie guard Siragusa sustained a torn ACL, MCL and PCL.

Finally, the first day of training camp, John Urschel informed head coach John Harbaugh that he was retiring from football.

Four interior linemen have now been lost on the Baltimore Ravens roster. There comes a time when injuries are too great to overcome, and while Baltimore stands at 2-0, it’s been against the easiest part of their schedule. They’ll now face their toughest opponents down the stretch, without their best player and expected depth when Baltiomre began the season.

Credit to Baltimore Beatdown user Marylander96 on the realization for this article.