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Ravens defense dominating opposing quarterbacks

NFL: Houston Texans at Cincinnati Bengals David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens defense has done everything in their power to bench any starting quarterback who comes their way. Through two games, they’ve embarrassed three quarterbacks.

  • Andy Dalton: 16/31 | 170 Yds. | 51.6% Comp. | 0 TD | 4 INT | 1 Fumble | 5 sacks
  • DeShone Kizer: 15/31 | 182 Yds. | 48.4% Comp. | 0 TD | 3 INT | 1 Fumble | 2 sacks
  • Kevin Hogan: 5/11 | 118 Yds. | 45.5% Comp. | 1 TD | 1 INT | 1 sack

First, let’s note that none of these quarterbacks are elite. Andy Dalton is a starter in this league, undoubtedly, but he is not a world-beater. Nonetheless, four picks and five total turnovers is mind-boggling. This was at Paul Brown stadium, where Baltimore has struggled mightily. They shutout the Bengals and embarrassed the team with a shutout for their home opener.

Against the Browns, Baltimore feasted on the rookie. When Kizer was pulled for Kevin Hogan due to a migraine, they were, for the first time, beat through the air. It didn’t take long for them to figure it out though, as rookie Tyus Bowser had a sack and interception against Hogan.

Things look bright for next week also, as they face the Jacksonville Jaguars in London. This means a splendid matchup against Blake Bortles awaits.