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Despite vintage performance, Terrell Suggs' snaps must be monitored

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Sunday's matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals saw Terrell Suggs run through the turnstile named Cedric Ogbuehi time after time to record two sacks and what should have been a third. This should have been expected. Ogbuehi struggles anchoring against power rushers and Suggs is just that.

Suggs' throwback performance proves that he must be kept healthy at all costs. He had a favorable matchup and he took full adavantage of it. But last season's Raven defense, including Suggs, faltered down the stretch.

There is no doubt that his torn bicep played a part in his late season slump but even with that fact in mind, Suggs needs to be preseverd since the alternative presented by a Suggs-less defense is horrifying. One only needs to look back to the 2015 season for proof.

The Ravens are deep at outside linebacker. Even with Za'Darius Smith expected to miss time, Tim Williams, Tyus Bowser and Matt Judon are all extremely talented players with diverse skill sets. There is no reason for Suggs to still be the feature of the Ravens defense.

Sunday's game saw Suggs play 47 of the 53 defensive snaps. Percentage wise, that is way too much. The Ravens have the depth at outside linebacker to avoid a potential disaster. It will need to be employed.