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Ravens Bengals: MVP, 12 Winners and 1 Loser

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Baltimore Ravens football, folks. A dominating defense coupled with a commitment to the running game equals a victory for the Ravens.


Terrell Suggs

The leader of this team, Hacksaw Smithers, dominated. A tipped ball which was intercepted by Webb, paid off with a touchdown by Terrance West two plays later. As the Bengals arrived in the redzone, Suggs made a strip-sack on Andy Dalton, which was recovered by Michael Pierce. Keeping the Bengals out of the game as they intercepted Joe Flacco was critical. In the fourth quarter he came up with his second sack and a second tipped pass. This defense didn’t let up.


Marty Mornhinweg & Greg Roman

They changed the Ravens offense into a rushing attack. The Ravens stuck with the ball on the ground, and it paid off in the third quarter with an offensive drive greater than nine minutes. Of course the defense was incredible, but Marty changed his playcalling from last season and it paid off with a win at Cincinnati.

C.J. Mosley

The All-Pro linebacker kept Cincinnati off the board with an interception five yards deep in the endzone. He then returned it back to the thirty yard line. The leader of this defense deserves credit for an incredible game.

Michael Pierce

A fumble recovery in the redzone and a sack is worthy of an MVP on most days, but the entire defense played with such ferocity he’s listed third for players. What a game for this team.

Dean Pees

Players always earn credit, but don’t forget this is Dean Pees’ defense with the incredible stats. What a demonstration of what his team can do when he has the pieces in place.

Lardarius Webb & Brandon Carr

Awareness led to these defensivebacks hauling in two tipped passes. Capitalizing on these tips led to the Ravens victory.

Jeremy Maclin

Two-minute warning, and Mornhinweg dials up a play for the Ravens receiver. He not only makes the reception, but takes it 48 yards for the touchdown. Welcome to Baltimore!

Terrance West & Javorius Allen

After slipping on first down, West surged back with ferocity. He helped create a nine-minute drive which left the Bengals waiving the white flag. Buck brought in yards as they swapped in and out on the field. These men made the most of their touches.

Jimmy Smith

They wanted the shutout and they got it. Smith sealing the deal in the fourth quarter for Dalton’s fourth interception and his fifth overall turnover.


Cincinnati Bengals

Not a single player on the Ravens were ‘losers’. It was a full team effort, and they produced as such. There were mistakes though, and I’ll address them.

Ryan Jensen played a good game as the Ravens starting center. Matched up against Geno Atkins is a hard first matchup, but he handled it well enough. The penalties should lower as he won’t be facing star defensive tackles like Atkins every week.

Both Danny Woodhead and Za’Darius Smith produced great games. Unfortunately, they both suffered injuries which brought out the cart. Hopefully they’re back soon.