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Ravens at Bengals: 3 offensive keys to victory

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Flacco’s had eight days of practice. There’s no getting around actual reps, in preparation for a live game. This means the offense won’t be fine-tuned from the beginning. The big positive here, it’s the same offensive coordinator from last year, Marty Mornhinweg, partnered with Greg Roman, to build a stronger running game. This will hopefully bring about a balanced offense, capable of winning against their biggest challenge in the division, in recent history.

Running the rock

Get the ball in the hands of Terrance West, Danny Woodhead and Javorius Allen. There isn’t a scenario in which the Ravens win, without these three men pounding the run game. All three must produce first downs on the ground. 1st & 10’s need to become 2nd & 6 or less. Putting the Ravens into short yard third downs keeps them versatile, meaning the Bengals can’t zone cover tight ends and force Flacco into riskier throws. It starts with the line paving the way, and ends with the tailbacks forcing the ball up the field.

Separation from defenders

The Bengals know Joe Flacco is one for checkdowns. Passes to the runningback, checkdowns to the tight ends, he’s good at it and the Bengals are skilled in coverage. Flacco will need his receivers to create distance from the coverage. With playmakers in every position, there isn’t an excuse. Get open and make the play.

Pre-snap Penalties

Nothing worse than illegal formations taking the ten yard gains fifteen yards back. Delay of game and false start flags killing momentum when we finally have the Bengals on their heels. This offense must play smart, and it starts with being in the right place, with the correct snap count.

This isn’t a ‘surefire’ win. There isn’t a game on the Ravens season which constitutes as an automatic ‘W’. The Bengals are one of the best in beating Baltimore, but it’s time for them to exorcise their Paul Brown Stadium demons and play sixty minutes of Ravens offense.