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Quincy Adeboyejo media interview, 8/5

Post-stadium practice

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The fan favorite turned media favorite, Quincy Adeboyejo, has continued to produce play after play with the Baltimore Ravens. With such great playmaking, comes a swarm of reporters to follow.

Earlier this camp, Adeboyejo was carted off the field with a leg injury. It was a rough day for Ravens with multiple injuries, but he returned the next day. Quincy answered questions about the injury.

“Yeah, I just kind of got a stinger in my leg,” Quincy said. “I couldn’t really put pressure on it. I was walking, but the trainer just insisted that I got carted off since it was such a far walk.”

When asked if after the injury, he elevated his play:

“No, I’m just enjoying the process, trying to have fun, and trying to get better every day.”

When asked about his playmaking ability, even back in college, and what sets him apart, giving him the ability to make such big plays:

“Definitely speed. I like to use speed a lot and you know, guys are afraid of speed—so when you running fast—it’s easier to get out of breaks, when they think you’re going deep every play. Pretty much just trying to play fast.”

When asked about taking the next step, the first preseason game:

“I can’t wait. Growing up, dreaming about playing in the NFL, it’s finally here. I can finally go out there, compete, and be a Raven.”

During the interview, Quincy Adeboyejo said he had offers from around 15 teams. He was asked why he chose the Baltimore Ravens:

“Definitely Bobby Engram. He coached me at the East-West Shrine Game, so I already had a relationship with him and he called me before the draft, saying he was trying to get me here. You know I didn’t get drafted, so it just had to come down to me and my agent talking about it and choosing which team. I think I had like 15 choices I could have went to, and I just trusted in Bobby and I like him—his personality and him as a coach. So I trusted him and wanted to come here and play for him.”

John Harbaugh was asked after practice today about Quincy Adeboyejo:

“Quincy’s had a really good camp. I think what you saw tonight’s pretty much what we’ve seen every day in training camp.”