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With Austin Howard signing, center position now biggest question mark

NFL: Baltimore Ravens-Minicamp Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens are putting their faith in Ryan Jensen in the same manner they put their faith in Gino Gradkowski.

In 2013, the center position was the linchpin that caused the downfall of the entire offense. It is risky, to say the least, to place trust and the fate of the entire offense in the hands of a player who has shown to be nothing more than capable in the best case scenario.

Nevertheless, there is reason for optimism. Jensen has been reported to have made strides in the physical department. He is bigger, and has rounded up his body therefore making him stronger. A switch to a power scheme will help Jensen, who has never been a fleet-footed, movement based center in the first place.

But even with that said, Jensen’s performance is still strictly projection. If one were to make an unbiased assessment of the chances of his and the offense's success, that person would not predict the unit to set the world on fire.

The center position will make or break the Ravens running game and thus the offense. Four of the five projected starters can be counted on, but the fifth is the most important, and now the biggest question mark.