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Strictly Football: Ravens training camp, 8/4

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I come to practice with a clean slate, everyday. It’s camp, and I want to give each player an opportunity to prove themselves. Yesterday’s done, whether you scored five touchdowns, or you were on the receiving end of five pancake blocks. You get a fresh slate to chisel out your hard work. That said, let’s read over their stone tablets.

Today’s practice was without pads: Jerseys, shorts and helmets only. This helps focus on the players technique.

WR vs. DB

This drill is in the receivers favor. They look good because it’s single man coverage. There’s no safety help, no inside backer to worry about, nothing. It’s a tough drill for any D-back.

(Sidenote: My favorite drill. There’s nothing like watching the fastest and most agile players on a given team go head-to-head. I’ll always watch these)

  • Tim White beats Reggie Porter down the sideline for a TD
  • Chris Moore beats Brandon Carr on a comeback route for a first down catch
  • Quincy Adeboyejo beats Eric Weddle on a deep post route

11’s Notable plays

  • Ryan Mallett throws INT to Carl Davis
  • Dustin Vaughan throws INT to Lardarius Webb
  • Dustin Vaughan throws INT to Robertson Daniel (back-to-back)
  • Tony Jefferson ‘sacks’ Dustin Vaughan
  • Albert McClellan breaks up a pass
  • Taquan Mizzell finds the hole for a first down run

After these sequences, the Ravens re-grouped. Harbaugh brought everybody into a huddle. They then worked on some individual drills for a short time before returning to 11’s.

11’s Notable plays

  • False start — Offense
  • False start — Offense (Back-to-back)
  • Ryan Mallett completes pass to Nick Boyle, 10 yard gain

More plays occurred, but I didn’t find anything to necessarily write about. Some completions, some runs, some defense.

Red Zone Drills

  • Bobby Rainey finds big hole for the TD
  • Terrance West rushes in for the TD
  • Ryan Mallett completes a pass to Benjamin Watson, TD
  • Ryan Mallett throws to Campanaro, dropped in the endzone

Final thoughts

Tim White and Quincy Adeboyejo are both NFL caliber players. Whether it be depth on the receiving chart, or special team contributors, I’d love to see both on the Ravens roster. Won’t be easy though, they’ll need to flash in the preseason as well.

Tony Jefferson is going to wreck other teams run schemes. He’s a bully. I can’t wait to watch him and Eric Weddle play games together, rather than a couple snaps.

With C.J. Mosley out, I was able to watch Kamalei Correa work the inside. He was leading the team; I watched on multiple occasions of Kamalei moving his defensive linemen and other linebackers in positions to gain an advantage. He’s clearly in his right mindset, as he spoke about yesterday.

Mizzell looks good. Similar is skillset as Danny Woodhead, with his speed and pass-catching. Lardarius Webb complimented him after his first down run I cited earlier. I could hear Webb saying, “Good run. Good run. Hey! Good run, young man.” A compliment from a veteran will boost his confidence, and I will be watching him during the stadium practice, and the preseason matchups.