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Dolphins score 31 against Eagles, only 7 against Ravens

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Against the Philadelphia Eagles, the Miami Dolphins scored 31 points. A week prior, against the Ravens, the Dolphins scored only a touchdown.

The saying ‘apples to oranges’ is necessary here, these are two different games and should be treated as such.

“Then why is this an article?”

It doesn’t mean you can’t compare them, but you need to note there are differences.

Miami played their starters much longer against Philadelphia than they did Baltimore. The Ravens trotted out their second stringers rather expeditiously against the Dolphins. Only a few starters were left in during the single touchdown.

What I’m getting at is something already covered; Baltimore’s defense is loaded to the teeth, and after only two weeks of preseason it’s becoming more obvious.

In camp, they’ve bullied Mallett, Woodrum and Vaughan.

They’ve allowed only ten points in total. Their back-ups, their third-stringers, the entire team, only ten points in two weeks.

Looking to Buffalo, the Bills scored 10 against Minnesota and 16 against the Eagles. If Baltimore can hold Buffalo to seven or less once again, it’ll help to solidify their reputation. Up to three quarters of starting offense against the Baltimore Ravens will be a sight to see.

This third preseason game will also answer questions leading up to this game. With the lack of offense, can the defense get it done? With so much time on the field, can the defense survive four quarters of defending the endzone? Is it going to take the defense playing perfect all game for the Ravens to win?

Things we’ll all pay attention to on Saturday night.