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Ravens Presser: Morninwheg provides update on Flacco

NFL: Baltimore Ravens-Minicamp Patrick McDermott-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens currently have an issue at the quarterback position, as starter Joe Flacco is sidelined with a back injury that has persisted throughout training camp. The coaching staff has routinely dismissed it as not a big deal, but with the regular season drawing ever closer, any positive sign that Flacco will play in the opener against the Cincinnati Bengals is something fans will cling to.

Offensive coordinator Marty Morninwheg recently gave an update on the situation in a press conference. He admitted that he was choosing his words carefully, but seemed pretty upbeat about Flacco’s status up to that point:

“He’s on it now,” Morninwheg said. “He’s in all of our team meetings, the offensive meetings as well as the group and quarterback meetings, he’s in all of the meetings with very few exceptions so he is on it. The day before yesterday we went through a little scenario, so he’s on it that way.”

While it will be tough to get satisfaction from any of these updates until Flacco is wearing pads and a helmet, it is good to hear that he’s stayed up on the mental aspect of the game. Since we won’t be seeing him in the preseason, fans can only hope that those type of mental reps will be enough to get him ready for what hopefully will be a start in Cincinnati.