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Ravens Presser: Morninwheg encouraged by Maxx Williams’ performance against Miami

The athletic in-liner is turning heads

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens are a team that could often use help at the offensive skill positions, and that was no different heading into the 2015 NFL season. That prompted them to trade up in the second round to select Maxx Williams, the consensus top tight end in the class out of Minnesota.

Since coming to Baltimore, Williams has had a tough transition to the NFL. He’s shown flashes of the athleticism and playmaking that made him such a high pick, but too often those signs were cut short by inury.

This past offseason, Williams was again dealing with an injury to his knee, and as a result he had to undergo an unconventional surgery to fix the issue. It was possible that he would never play football again following the procedure, which is what made the plays that he showcased against the Miami Dolphins last Thursday even more impressive:

He caught the eye of offensive coordinator Marty Morninwheg with the above play, as well as another chain moving reception, and the play caller noted how pleased he was with the progress that Williams has made:

“As recent as three weeks ago, Maxx was still rehabbing this thing,” Morninwheg said. “Ten days, two weeks ago? He hit it. He was running fast, and I think Maxx is back and even better than he was when he first got here before the injury. I think he’s doing a fantastic job right now. We’ll see if he can keep coming.”

We’ll see indeed, but Ravens fans are surely encouraged as is Morninwheg in regards to Williams thanks to the job he did in the second preseason game. Here’s to hoping he keeps it going into the third and rolls full steam ahead into the regular season.