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Zachary Orr attending the Ravens practice today

NFL: Washington Redskins at Baltimore Ravens Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Days after re-announcing his retirement from the National Football League, former Ravens linebacker Zachary Orr is attending the Ravens training camp practice without pads.

To those that haven’t checked out Zachary Orr’s Player’s Tribune article, please do so here: Zachary Orr: Always a Raven

I covered this story with a cliffnotes, but won’t be linking to it as Zachary Orr’s words should be read by all Ravens fans. We ultimately lost an incredible player and person with his injury.

John Harbaugh has stated they’d love for Orr to be involved with the team in some coaching fashion. I’m confident Orr would be mutually interested, depending upon the offer.

A player with his spirit is an incredible mentor, regardless of his young age. He’s a Raven, through-and-through. He went from UDFA to All-Pro, no doubt he is a person to have around your players. Hope to hear in the new future of a new addition to the team, Zachary Orr.