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Ravens announce they’ve installed SkyCam at M&T Bank, first and only NFL team to do so

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

A new and innovative feature has joined the Baltimore Ravens, as the team is the first and only NFL team to operate the World’s Leading Aerial Camera System.

After the amazing addition to M&T Bank Stadium in the form of 200-feet wide, 36-feet high, 4k ultra-high definition video boards, the Baltimore Ravens have taken the extra step by installing SkyCam.

“This is a great addition to M&T Bank Stadium and the Ravens organization, SkyCam Chief Technical Officer Stephen Wharton said. “Being the first in anything is a bold move, and we appluad the Ravens for their technological, trailblazing spirit.”

I know you’re about to search, “What is SkyCam?”, but I have the information here.

SkyCam is cable suspended, stabilized camera system. They allow for incredible football perspectives near and on the field where fans cannot get the view of, but want to.

Here is a short video, which debuted back in 2008. Things have since then been upgraded, but the idea is the same.

The Ravens used SkyCam during their preseason game against the Washington Redskins. There’s even a video for you to check out.

Editor’s note:

After reading and finding out more, there’s an explanation as to why this is a ‘big deal’; Why it is different from seeing it on Monday and Sunday Night Football. The Ravens are the first team with their own SkyCam. Rather than camera crews installing their own for broadcasting, the Ravens own and operate their own.