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No chances given for Steelers or Patriots fans

Fanatics conducted a survey of nearly 3,000 fans to see where the rivalry begins and where the love ends.

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

In a survey done by Fanatics, fans of the Baltimore Ravens were found least likely to date a fan of their most bitter of rivals. According to the survey, Ravens fans top the list with their hatred of the Pittsburgh Steelers. 50% of fans said that they would refuse to date a Pittsburgh fan.

The Baltimore-Pittsburgh rivalry is of legend. Two hard-nosed cities, known for their steel mills and gritty defenses. Their fans also reflect this with their boisterous cheers for their own team and jeers against their rivals. It isn’t just the fans that can’t stand one another, it’s the players.

Former Raven Ed Reed had a discussion with former Steeler Hines Ward on The Players’ Tribune back in November last year. Among what was discussed was the battles the two teams would have and all of the blood, sweat and tears left on the gridiron.

“Those games were always hard-fought, intense battles,” Reed said in the article. “All those years tackling Jerome Bettis — who’s one of the coolest cats I know now — and trying to cover Plaxico Burress in his prime or trading hits with you. There wasn’t anything else like it.”

“You couldn’t play AFC North football against other teams. The Patriots just didn’t play that way. The Colts didn’t play that way. It was just the Ravens and the Steelers, and you always knew what you were gonna get.”

In 46 meetings between the Ravens and Steelers, the Steelers lead 25-21. Earlier on in their rivalry, the Steelers controlled the the series. Through the 90’s and 00’s, the Steelers were 19-11 versus the Ravens. Then in the 10’s, the Ravens have reigned supreme, leading the decade series 10-6 so far.

The disgust didn’t just stop at the Steelers for Ravens fans. . Baltimore fans were ranked at number five for their unwillingness to date New England Patriots fans. The Ravens and Patriots have played in four playoff games since 2009, with the series tied 2-2. Due to this, a rivalry has begun to brew between the two teams.

Also included in the poll was that 24% of Ravens fans would rather be celibate than date a fan of a rival team. Baltimore fans topped the list. Ravens fans also ranked seventh in willingness to switch political parties rather than dating a rival fan.

The hate runs deep doesn’t it?


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