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Former Ravens All-Pro LB Zachary Orr re-announces retirement

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Announced only moments ago, Zachary Orr officially retires from professional football.

As you know, Orr retired back in January, after finding the top of his spine wasn’t completely formed.

He then announced his return to football months later.

I’ll give a quick breakdown below, but I want everybody to read exactly what Zachary Orr says. He clears up the confusion and it deserves to be read.

Zachary Orr: Always a Raven

  • Zach finds out his C-1 will explode if he takes/gives one wrong hit
  • He retires
  • He did not receive a second opinion before he retired
  • He spoke to multiple doctors, but only received one medical opinion
  • Finds a second opinion, from a doctor in West Virginia, who says he can play
  • Sends his MRI & CT scan to a third doctor in Florida, also says he can play
  • Zach calls Ozzie Newsome, and Oz said he has to pass a physical
  • Orr flies to Baltimore, and completes a workout and physical, but once again, does not pass the physical
  • Then, announces he’s returning to the NFL
  • Visits 5 teams, speaks with 11 more over the phone. Nobody would clear him, either due to the C-1, herniated disc, or spots on his spinal cord indicating damage from the herniated disc.
  • In total, six teams in person, 11 over the phone, not a single passed physical

Once again, read the article. Don’t take my cliffnotes for it. Read and see why this man who gave so much for this franchise, tried with everything he could to return and be a Baltimore Raven.

Zachary Orr: Always a Raven