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PFF: ‘Ravens fans should be worried’ about Ryan Mallett’s play

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NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Two preseason games and Ryan Mallett’s not giving fans much to cheer about. In fact, PFF just released their ratings, and Mallett doesn’t score above 50.

QB Ryan Mallett 48.3

Based on his performance so far this preseason, Ravens fans should be worried if Mallett has to take snaps in the regular season. He got an extended look with 22 dropbacks and managed three turnover worthy throws on them


I’ve attempted to be the most level-headed Mallett apologist around. I won’t immediately call for a player to be fired, or lose his job. But after multiple weeks of camp and two sub-par preseason games, Josh Woodrum has earned the start in the next preseason game.

Giving both snaps with the 1’s makes sense. No more judging them based on different strings of defense with different offensive players. Settle this with fair scales. Both playing against starting defenses with their starting offense.