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Ravens Stock Report: 4 players who disappointed in the second preseason game

NFL: Washington Redskins at Baltimore Ravens Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens defeated the Miami Dolphins 31-7 on Thursday night. Overall, the offensive line left much to be desired, particularly when run blocking. The only critique of the defenders likely to make the team was poor tackling at the second level.

Ravens who disappointed in Week 2 of the preseason:

  • Austin Howard, Right Tackle

Let’s hope he was just knocking off the rust. Howard was beaten off the edge a few times when pass blocking and was stood up or pushed back frequently when attempting to run block. Also picked up a cheap holding call downfield.

  • Quincy Adeboyejo, Wide Receiver

A learning curve is to be expected from an undrafted rookie. Still, Quincy was at least partially responsible for a pair of interceptions. He appeared to give up on a deep ball for the first and was outmuscled by the corner going to the ground on a questionable call by the officials for the second.

  • Chris Matthews, Wide Receiver

Chris did block a punt, however his did not flash at all on offense. He failed to come down with any of his three targets, including one noticeable drop. John Harbaugh’s roster is chock full of special teams standouts, Matthews is likely going to have to make some plays as a receiver in the upcoming preseason games to crack this squad.

  • Chuck Clark, Strong Safety

Not quite the thumper in the secondary he was billed to be. The rookie was less than stellar in run support and was slow to react on the Dolphins 11-yard second quarter touchdown run.

Dishonorable Mention: Matt Skura’s penalties