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Welcoming party: The Ravens get first crack at newly signed QB Jay Cutler

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

After it was announced that QB Jay Cutler was to play against the Baltimore Ravens, I couldn’t help but smile. The Ravens aren’t ones to play nice against anybody. Obviously no team treats the returning starters or rookies of the opposition nicely, but most teams don’t have the defensive capability to punish them for thinking they’ll cruise into their first or returning game.

The defense is excited to work; they’re roaring in practice. They don’t even like their own offense scoring or being successful.

Eric Weddle, during morning stretches and warmups, said, “The goal today, is to destroy the offense.” This was against his own team.

Some players attempted to convince head coach John Harbaugh to let them back on the field against Washington.

“I hope we can play a little longer than we did in the first game,” said Tony Jefferson. “I kept asking ‘Harbs’, ‘Can we go back in?’ after we were done.”

Harbaugh has a defense filled with hungry dogs. He’s somehow stood firm while holding onto 11 different leashes, but he will let them loose at some point.

I suspect Harbaugh will let the first team see the field a little more today. When they are on the field, watch the defense work. It won’t be fun for Jay, it won’t be fun for any Dolphin.