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Ravens CB Jaylen Hill on his great game against Washington, “It’s on to Miami now.”

Washington Redskins v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking with the latest Ravens undrafted free agent prospect, cornerback Jaylen Hill.

Kyle Barber — “Being an undrafted free agent, after the draft ended, how quick did you translate from being maybe disappointed or upset, to motivated, fired-up, getting ready to be an undrafted free agent, still be able to land on a team?”

Jaylen Hill — “It transferred quickly, but I couldn’t focus on that. Once I got here, they wanted me to do the job, which was play corner, play nickel; I think at the first time it was safety also. So, I really couldn’t contemplate on being upset, because I had an opportunity. Now it’s time for me to maximize it and make the best of it.”

KB — “How was it, getting that call? Was it Ozzie Newsome?”

JH — “It was life-changing. It was life-changing. Any kid who dreamed of playing in the NFL and receive that call, that’s amazing. But like I said, I can’t focus on that. I have to keep going.”

KB — “Did you play safety back in college, at all?”

JH — “No, I did not play safety. In high school I played safety. In college I just played corner.”

KB — “Do you usually prefer playing inside or outside corner? Anywhere and everywhere I assume?”

JH — “Well actually, coming here is the first time I played inside at corner. Well, I played a little bit, but this is the first time I played a lot of inside corner. But I like both. Inside corner kind of happens fast, outside you kind of need to be patient.”

KB — “Now, fast-forwarding to today, what’s been the most difficult step through training camp thus far?”

JH — “Just giving your best effort every day. You can’t get caught up in, ‘it’s hot’. You can’t get caught up in ‘you’re tired’. You have to come out here and, maximum focus. Give it all you have, every day. Especially being a guy that was undrafted.”

KB — “You’ve started stringing together some big practices. You had a great preseason game, how fast does it translate from being able to enjoy that moment to going after the next one?”

JH — “Oh I enjoyed it at the game, but it’s over with now. It’s on to Miami now. That’s what I need to focus on now. It’s in the past. It was a great play, great game, but it’s in the past.”

KB — “Are there any veteran’s that have come in, come by and helped you out, given you some serious advice?”

JH — “Lardarius Webb, Brandon Carr, all of the secondary. All of them. They give a great deal of help to me.”