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University of Miami to induct Ray Lewis and Ed Reed into Ring of Honor

Lewis and Reed will be rewarded for their collegiate careers

Edward Reed #20

Ray Lewis and Ed Reed will always be linked together when it comes to their legendary NFL careers. Both men were the best at their positions in the last generation, winning Defensive Player of the Year awards, and leading legendary Baltimore Ravens defenses from 2002-2012. Finally, winning the Super Bowl in their final season together, in 2012.

Not only are they linked together in terms of their time as Ravens, but it goes back even further in college, as they both attended the University of Miami. Lewis from 1993-1995, leading the Big East in tackles during his last two seasons and notched the fifth most in school history.

Reed's tenure at "The U" is probably even more memorable as he attended from 1997-2001. Culminating in leading the Hurricanes to the 2001 National Championship. Which is the last time Miami won the National title. Reed won the Big East Defensive Player of the Year in 2001 and notched 21 interceptions during his college career. Reed might be most remembered in Miami for his halftime speech to his teammates against rival Florida State during that championship season:

"I'm hurt dog. Don't ask me if I'm aright. H---, no! Joaquin said dominate, and we not doing it. I put my heart in this s---, dog! Let's go man!"

On Friday, the school announced that Lewis and Reed will both be inducted into the Ring of Honor this season, along with Michael Irvin, Warren Sapp, and the late Sean Taylor.

Congratulations go out to two of the best to ever put on a Hurricanes and Ravens uniform. They certainly deserve this recognition for their collegiate careers, which marked a great platform into their legendary time as NFL players. Canton, Ohio still awaits them both, and Ray Lewis will get his first crack at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.