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Ravens have now lost seven players to season ending injuries alone

Rough start to the season, to say the least

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Since the start of the 2017 season, the Baltimore Ravens have experienced a terrible stroke of luck. The ‘season-ending injury count’ stands at seven, and there’s still three weeks of preseason, before 16 regular season games.

  1. Tavon Young — An ACL tear in OTA’s. Heartbreaking as every fan was excited to watch his performance pushed to the slot role. With his size, speed and agility, no doubt he was going to thrive and make quarterbacks frustrated.
  2. Kenneth Dixon — Another sophomore player, and a star in the making; Dixon’s running style perfectly complimented the Ravens. He was elusive, strong and fast.
  3. Nico Siragusa — A rookie the Ravens weren’t hoping to need this year, but after the latest slew of injuries to the offensive line, they definitely could have used him.
  4. Alex Lewis — The most recent season-ending injury. The third sophomore Raven experiencing a season-long injury.
  5. Dennis Pitta — After battling back from a hip fracture and a hip dislocation, Pitta played the entire 2016 NFL Season. Back in OTA’s though, he re-dislocated his hip.
  6. Crockett Gillmore — Expected starter for the tight end position, especially after the loss of Dennis Pitta, Gillmore suffered a season-ending knee injury in practice.
  7. Tim White — Moments ago this was released, Tim White suffered a thumb injury, forcing him to receive season-ending surgery.

These aren’t the only losses the Ravens have experienced; John Urschel retired the first day of training camp, and tight end Darren Waller received a one-year suspension.

Nine players, all important players mind, you, missing from the team due to injury, retirement or suspension.