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Skip Bayless believes Ravens would be better with Colin Kaepernick than Joe Flacco

He’s at it again

FILE: Super Bowl XLVII Quarterbacks Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Ever since it was revealed that Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco had back soreness and NFL Network's Ian Rapoport noted that he would be out 3-6 weeks, the Colin Kaepernick to Baltimore train has took off. Citing his good relationship with head coach John Harbaugh, Greg Roman, and even Flacco himself as reasons Baltimore should sign the controversial figure if Flacco is out for an extended period of time.

In a football terms, yes, Kaepernick would be better than Ryan Mallet, but the Ravens resigned Mallet earlier in the offseason, showing signs of confidence. That hasn't stopped the Kaepernick train, and not only do people believe Baltimore should bring him in as the backup, but as the starter as well. Enter the one and only Skip Bayless.

It's been well documented that the talking head is no fan of the Ravens quarterback. Barraging him with the "Joe Fluke-o" insults, accusing him of being lucky and "flaunting his money", having wars about him with Terrell Suggs, and even saying that Pittsburgh Steelers players told him that a few Ravens teammates also had no confidence in Flacco after the 2010 Divisional Playoff game.

With the possibility of Kaepenick coming to Baltimore, and guys like Bayless seeing this as an opportunity to light the "Flacco needs to go" fire, the former ESPN turned FoxSports 1 personality did what he does best.

The interesting thing is that Bayless has gone on record to admit that Flacco is, in his words, "pretty good". Bayless admits that Flacco is a very good playoff quarterback, calling his postseason record "impeccable". However, it's not the postseason Bayless makes the argument, it's for the regular season.

"When I look at Colin Kaepernick's regular season-records, he's better than Joe Flacco. Seriously, I'm not just saying that for effect. If you gave me a choice today-again, I can't argue with the postseason, but Kaep's been pretty great in the postseason, too, right? I mean, we don't have the body of work."

Exactly, you don't have the body of work with Kaepernick because Flacco has been to the playoffs six times and having four postseasons with a 90 passer rating or better. But let's continue.

"But If I look at regular season, Kaep's been a little better. And his touchdowns to interceptions in the regular season, Colin Kaepernick: 72 touchdowns to only 30 interceptions. That's his whole body of work in the regular season. Flacco, regular season: 182 touchdowns -pretty good-but 117 interceptions is pretty bad. Well, Ok, I can make the case...I think they would be a little better, I would give them a little better chance to go farther, with Colin Kaepernick as their quarterback than Joe Flacco. That's just me."

While no one will say that Flacco is a great regular season quarterback, and last year was a tale of two halves for him throwing only five touchdowns through the first seven games. Only to throw 15 touchdowns for 2,480 yards, a 67% completion percentage and a 90.4 passer rating in the next nine games, including playing his best when it mattered the most against the Steelers. Flacco has also been the starting quarterback of the Ravens since his rookie season in 2008, only missing six games. Kaepernick was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in 2011 and didn't get his chance to start until week 11 in 2012 after Alex Smith was sidelined with a concussion.

Two years ago, Kaepernick was benched in favor of Blaine Gabbert in week 9 of 2015, and it was him, not Kaepernick, who got the nod to start last year. Former 49ers head coach Chip Kelly benched Gabbert for Kaepernick after a 1-4 start, but the 49ers would go 1-10 the rest of the way. Despite his faults in the regular-season, Flacco still has a much longer resume over Kaepernick and has started 138 regular-season games for the Ravens compared to Kaepernick's 58 for the 49ers.

We know he is a character on television, but it's still funny seeing a regular-season argument coming out of the mouth of Skip Bayless. The same guy who has always talked about the importance of the postseason when complimenting athletes such as Tim Tebow, Tom Brady, and Kobe Bryant. At the same time, criticizing others such as Lebron James and Peyton Manning for their past playoff performances.

It's just another day at the office for Skip Bayless.