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The Baltimore Ravens have discussed bringing in Robert Griffin III

First Kaepernick, now RG3?

Baltimore Ravens v Washington Redskins

The rumors of a potential Colin Kaepernick signing have also opened the door for a potential union with former Browns and Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. During an open forum with season ticket holders which featured Dick Cass, Steve Bisciotti and Roger Goodell, Bisciotti mentioned that the team is mauling over whether or not to bring in Griffin in the wake of Joe Flacco’s recent back injury.

As Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun mentioned, the team is monitoring Flacco’s back and Ryan Mallett’s play while deciding on a move. Based on the circumstances at hand, the Ravens may want to act fast. The severity of Flacco’s back injury is currently up in the air, but players such as Tony Romo, J.J. Watt and Rob Gronkowski have missed considerable time over the last few years with back injuries.

With the risk of adding further damage to Flacco’s back and Mallett’s poor practice where he threw five interceptions enroute to a meltdown, the Ravens need to find a viable short term option until Flacco is ready to return to the field. Whether that option is Griffin, Kaepernick or somebody else, the team has a tough decision to make, especially if Flacco isn't ready to go for the season opener.