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Crockett Gillmore to have surgery on his meniscus

Cue the flashbacks to Kenneth Dixon's injury

Oakland Raiders v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Larry French/Getty Images

More details are beginning to emerge on tight end Crockett Gillmore's injury, and it may be a bad sign for his status in the 2017 season. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport tweeted that Gillmore will have surgery tomorrow to fix his meniscus.

This is a similar situation to what Kenneth Dixon recently had. We knew that Dixon injured his meniscus, but it wasn't until after his surgery that we knew the severity of the injury.

The same goes for Gillmore. We will know the severity of his injury after the operation tomorrow.

Dixon was initially reported to be out 6-8 weeks when the injury wasn't believed to be severe. But it was later determined that he would miss the whole year. Gillmore may be out for just 6-8 weeks, or he may miss the whole year like Dixon, we won't know until after the surgery.

The Ravens signed Larry Donnell earlier today. The move seemed to signify that the Ravens believe Gillmore's injury is major and will keep him out for considerable time. Donnell provides good depth if the surgery finds that Gillmore's injury will keep him for the year.

We will have the details on the severity of Gillmore's injury as soon as they are released after his surgery tomorrow.