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Zachary Orr’s agent says they will not comment on any upcoming visits

He also says they have several visits coming

Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

When the Baltimore Ravens went their separate ways after the conclusion of mini-camp, the goal was to stay out of the limelight and everybody must stay clean with six weeks to go until training camp. Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case. Just a few days ago, tight end Darren Waller, was suspended for the entire season, and linebacker Zachary Orr, announced he intends to return to the NFL after initially retiring due to a neck and spine condition back in January.

Ever since Orr said he was coming back, and becoming an unrestricted free agent after the Ravens didn't tender him because of his retirement, the situation has been filled with confusion and questions about if he ever had a second opinion on his injury. Opinions from many have been very mixed about Orr's return from such a condition. Some feel he has every right to come back and play, while others fear for his safety and even believe the NFL themselves should step in and stop him.

Reportedly, the unrestricted free agent middle linebacker has a lot of interest on the market. Teams such as the Indianapolis Colts, Oakland Raiders, New York Jets, and Detroit Lions are interested and Orr has visited the Colts and Lions respectively. There is still also the question of whether he can pass a physical if he does indeed sign with another team.

With reports coming out about teams interested in his client, Orr's agent has now tweeted out that they will no longer comment on anymore upcoming visits. Below are Orr's agents series of tweets from Monday morning.

It seems the mystery of Zachary Orr and his free agency ride continues. If what his agent said is true, you won't hear anything about Orr until he signs with a team. Even then, he still would have to pass a physical. Training camp is on the horizon, and the opportunity to sign a 24-year old middle linebacker coming off an All-Pro season, despite injuries, is something that doesn't pop up often. Wherever Orr goes, it must be a place where a team knows for sure he is 100% healthy.