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Matthew Judon shows off coverage abilities on day two of training camp

Judon made an impressive interception during practice on Friday

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The outside linebacker spot opposite Terrell Suggs is one of many positions on the Ravens that are up for grabs in training camp this year. While the main job of the outside linebacker position is to rush the passer, an outside linebacker needs to be adept in other facets of the game in order to see the field more often. Ravens second year outside linebacker Matt Judon is making his case to win the starting job as he coming off an impressive rookie season where he made four sacks in a backup role, and in training camp this year, he did not wait long to show that he can do more than just get to the quarterback.

Judon is dropping back into coverage in the flat along the sideline. Quarterback Ryan Mallett is looking for wide receiver Vince Mayle in that area, and he tries to get the ball over Judon’s head and to fall right into Mayle’s hands. Judon is not caught sleeping on the play however, leaping into the air and twisting around to make an interception. This is an excellent play on the part of Judon, showcasing both his athleticism and his ability in coverage.

According to Pro Football Focus, Judon had 308 total snaps last year, and was dropped into coverage on nine of them. The Ravens used Albert McClellan as the team’s main coverage outside linebacker, as McClellan dropped into coverage on 220 of 604 snaps, (the next closest was Terrell Suggs with 13 coverage snaps). Judon already had more pass rushing snaps than McClellan did last year, and if the Grand Valley State product shows that he can be effective in coverage as well as getting to the quarterback, then we should expect to see a lot of Judon on the field this season.