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Should Ravens trade for or sign Carlos Hyde

NFL: San Francisco 49ers-Minicamp Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Kenneth Dixon's injury comes as a crushing blow for the hopes of a rebuilt and revitalized Ravens running game. The Ravens are now down to two backs in Terrence West and Danny Woodhead who offer solid but unspecatcular skill-set, and who do not have the talent to become the centrepiece of an offense.

Enter Carlos Hyde. He himself has had trouble staying healthy, but his time in San Francisco has also been marred by injuries and all-around below average talent on the field and on the sidelines.'s Gregg Rosenthal lists him as a potential surprise cut with the scheme fit under Kyle Shanahan and the potential of rookie Joe Williams in said scheme as deciding factors in Hyde's possible release.

Hyde is essentialy an idealized version of Terrence West. He can re-accelerate after contact, and has much better burst and long speed. In his skill-set, the Ravens could find a potential starter for the long term, at a position that has been in flux since Ray Rice's departure.

A late round pick could be enough to get him out of San Francisco, if he is not released and the Ravens want to acquire him via trade. If the Ravens have the opportunity to sign him, a one or two year deal would make sense on a contractual level, as Hyde will want the opportunity to re-sign a larger deal with his new team within the same timeline that his rookie deal would have allowed.

I am all for it. Hyde is a legitimate power back who could carry the offense if he manages to stay healthy and provides long-term upside at a position the Ravens need to find an answer.