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Strictly Football: Highlights from training camp, 7/27

Football, and only football here folks

First day of practice, and there’s excitement everywhere. Multiple players shined as they battle to become part of the final 53.

Play of the Day:

#40, Reggie Porter intercepted a pass near the goal-line. It was a deep pattern to the left side of the field. Sticking with his man step-for-step until high-pointing the ball. Defensive players were roaring.

How to make a name for yourself 101. Intercept a red-zone pass. Maybe a flash in the pan, maybe not. Make a few more plays like that and you find yourself wearing a Ravens jersey in September, Mr. Porter.

Other Highlights:

Runner up for POTD: Eric Weddle bats down a pass intended for Chris Moore, center of the endzone

Kenny Bell managed to separate himself from Marlon Humphrey on a 7 yard curl route

Al-Hajj Shabazz deflects a pass aimed towards the endzone

Danny Woodhead dropped, C.J. Mosley with good coverage and both fought for the ball

Danny Woodhead came back the next play and caught a dump-off for seven yards

Mike Wallace made a big catch along the sideline. Pick-up of about 15. There was a flag thrown for DPI also.

One-on-One drills

A quick set of 1V1 occured, and to start it off Breshad Perriman lined up against rookie cornerback, Marlon Humphrey. Breshad went outside shoulder and streaked along the sideline, with Humphrey matching stride-for-stride. Pass was broken up by Humphrey. A knock on Humphrey was his deep ball skills, or the lack thereof. Against the fastest player on the team, Marlon played it perfectly.

Taquan Mizzell, UDFA from Virginia, shook Kamalei Correa on a inside-out route. His pass-catching shouldn’t be slept on. He’s a quick back with some burst.