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Maxx Williams returns to the practice field after rare surgery

NFL: Baltimore Ravens-Training Camp Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens have some health concerns amongst the group of tight ends they currently possess, but today a promising development in the recovery of third year player Maxx Williams took place:

An athletic pass catcher out of Minnesota, Williams was the top tight end in the 2015 draft class in terms of ranking and selection. However, since being picked in the second round by Baltimore that year, he hasn’t developed into the productive player they were hoping for him to be.

Injuries have certainly played a role in why he hasn’t, and if the specifics of the one he recenty suffered are to be believed, it’s a very valid excuse. Apparently no one had ever had the surgery that Williams had to undergo, and the possibility that he would never play football again was something that he was facing.

But with all of that behind him, Williams is now focusing on making tight end a position of strength for Baltimore in 2017:

"Everyone can be the guy and that's a good problem to have." Williams said of the Ravens tight end group. "I think that's what we strive for is for all of to be out there. Hopefully we'll have a tight end-dominated offense and get us all out there on the field."

Williams will be the subject of scrutiny this season if he can’t deliver on the field, but with his recovery going according to plan, there isn’t any reason why he shouldn’t be able to.