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Baltimore Ravens donate $1.5 million to help local high school

The Ravens continue to be all class

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins

When it comes to the Baltimore Ravens and their off-field reputation, some still associate the team with the situations involving Ray Lewis, Ray Rice and others, looking at the organization as a bad example to other teams throughout the sports world. The truth however, is the team has made sure to do what they can to help their current and former players, as well as the community. One of the franchise's main goals under owner Steve Bisciotti is to be a first class organization, and overall they have done just that.

The Ravens did it once again as they donated $1.5 million to the Renaissance Academy High School in Baltimore to keep the school open and helped with the renovation.

The school was originally going to close down after two students were sadly killed. One was stabbed in November of 2015, and the other was shot and killed two months later. Ravens president Dick Cass stated:

"We saw it as an opportunity to get involved and where the Ravens could make a difference."

No matter what people think of the teams top brass, this was yet another example of the Ravens helping out the city of Baltimore and those around them. They have assisted in students getting their education and the proper school to attend even in dark times of fear. The Ravens again proved why they do belong in the upper echelon of franchises in not only the NFL, but in all of sports.