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Northern Territory: Does tanking work in the NFL?

AFC North News for 7/1/2017

2017 NFL Draft Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Behind The Steel Curtain - Pittsburgh Steelers

Steelers CB Artie Burns arrested for driving on suspended license

While this story hits in the midst of the NFL’s slow season, many will make a lot of this story, when in reality it is a sign of an immature young man. People might forget, but Burns is only 22 years old, and won’t turn 23 until May 1st. Not that age is an excuse for failing to pay over $1,000 dollars in tickets, but in the grand scheme of things Burns will likely pay his fine(s) and be on his way.

Cincy Jungle - Cincinnati Bengals

Bengals’ offensive line has team ranked among NFL’s worst rosters

With that said, there’s a ton of talent on this roster that, if used properly, can carry this team to a winning season and playoff berth. The offensive assortment of Green, Tyler Eifert, John Ross, Joe Mixon and Andy Dalton are more than enough to carry this team to double-digit wins. The question is whether or not they’ll be able to thrive behind this offensive line and whether the new line will jive and surprise its abundance of doubters.

Dawgs By Nature - Cleveland Browns

Does Tanking Work In The NFL?

Over the past year, there has been a lot of talk about tanking in the NFL, with the Browns often at the center of it. “Tanking,” or purposely setting a team up to lose in order to earn a higher draft pick, is common in three of the four major sports, with the exception being football. However, with the Browns last season and maybe a handful of teams this season, that seems like it might be about to change. In a recent article for ESPN, Bill Barnwell lays out some general guidelines for how tanking might be different in the NFL, and weighs in on the pros and cons of the strategy relative to other sports:

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