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Fantasy Football 2017: Five ‘busts’ to avoid

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

It happens every season. Players selected in the top-10 end up as wasted picks, rookies disappoint and veterans fall off a cliff. Five players to avoid in your fantasy football drafts:

Zeke had a fantastic rookie season, but is due for some regression. Dallas lost two blockers from their dominant line. Definitely the biggest risk to Elliott’s production is an unresolved domestic violence issue that could result in suspension.

The shifty receiver caught nearly 100 passes for over 1,100 yards last season, yet notched only three touchdowns. At 31 years old, he will have to fight for targets on a team with a stable of slot receivers, tight ends and receiving backs.

Ross might be the fastest player in the NFL. However, his quarterback struggles under pressure and lost his two best offensive lineman this offseason. Plus Ross has a dubious injury history.

A two-down back who will be competing for carries and does not fit the scheme particularly well. Even if the Saints wanted to grind out games, they don’t have the defense needed to win that way.

After two strong seasons, Lacy has scored just three rushing touchdowns combined over the last two years. Now he will be running behind a poor offensive line in a backfield that is expected to feature a heavy rotation.