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Fantasy Football 2017: Five ‘sleepers’ to target

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Every season a handful of players breakout to provide unexpected production. These sleepers are a crucial piece in earning championship glory. Five sleepers to target in your fantasy football drafts:

Technically not a true sleeper, Davante should outperform his draft slot by a large margin. Adams emerged as a bonafide end zone threat with a dozen scores last season. Based on the trends, his competition at receiver is fading while Aaron Rodgers is poised for bounce back another big season.

  • Quincy Enunwa, WR, Jets

Enunwa came on strong in 2016 and is now the only legitimate receiving weapon on the team after they jettisoned their capable veteran duo. The Jets are going to be awful, which means plenty of targets against prevent defense.

Tennessee has one of the top run blocking lines and is committed to smash mouth football. Henry averaged more than ten touches per game over his final seven contests as a rookie, and DeMarco Murray is wearing down after a heavy professional workload.

Hunter caught eight touchdowns over the last twelve games of his rookie year. San Diego has an abundance of pass catchers, but always feature their tight ends. Antonio Gates is 37-years-old.

An explosive playmaker who struggled with illness last year. A clear path to targets in an top-10 offense gives Brown major upside.

Correction made on 7/31