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For Ravens, running back now most critical position to address

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Baltimore Ravens Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

It is known that the Ravens are at their best when they are running the football. Greg Roman's addition to the coaching staff is sure to add an element of creativity to the the design of the running plays.

However, the Ravens running game will never be back to it's glory days without a true franchise back that can cary the load without comity.

The secondary that has been an issue since 2012 has seen tremendous investment in the arrivals of Eric Weddle, Tony Jefferson and first round pick Marlon Humphrey, all coming in within the last two years. The Ravens brass recognized that the issue of the secondary had been plaguing the team for too long and took drastic mesures to repair it.

But since Ray Rice's abrupt departure, the Ravens have not found a bell cow running back to build the offense around. The Steelers meanwhile, found Le'Veon Bell. The Bengals have found their theoretical answer to the aforementioned stalwart in Joe Mixon and the Browns have built a tremendous offensive line around the underrated Isaiah Crowell.

The Ravens need to follow suit and re-establish the smash-mouth identity that seems to have become the trend across the league, lead by the upstart Cowboys and Raiders, and not just in the AFC North.

That back is not likely to be on the roster. Terrence West is a one speed back who struggles to chang direction and re-accelerate after contact. Danny Woodhead cannot handle a full workload. Kenneth Dixon lacks elite burst.

Out of the three backs expected to share carries, Dixon has the most upside. But his skill set in this current form should not determine the Ravens passing on a potentially franchise changing talent.

In the same way of the secondary, the Ravens issues at running back have reached a point of no return.