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Jeremy Maclin leaves Baltimore Ravens facility without deal

Aww shucks

Tennessee Titans v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

During today’s presser, Baltimore Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh informed the media free agent wide receiver Jeremy Maclin has left the facility without a contract.

It’s not shocking, but this is slightly surprising. With Steve Smith Sr. in attendance during today’s visit, and with Maclin joining Ravens players during an NBA Finals watch party last night, it felt as though the contract was ready for Maclin’s signature.

Not so fast, as Maclin wants due diligence; the free agent wants to weigh his options. With millions of dollars at stake, nobody can blame the man for time to think.

If anything, this feels good knowing if Jeremy finalizes a contract with the Ravens, he weighed his options, understood the gravity of the situation and still believed Baltimore was the best choice. Sarah Ellison makes a great point with her latest tweet:

And now for every football fans least favorite game, the waiting game.

The Ravens have tweeted a video including Harbaugh’s talk about Jeremy Maclin: