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Jeremy Maclin’s visit includes watching Cavs-Warriors Game 3 with potential teammates

Who ya rootin for?

Kansas City Chiefs v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

#MaclinWatch2017 never stops. The latest update, Jeremy Maclin watching Game 3 of the NBA Finals with potential teammates. This includes, of course, top Ravens recruiter, Eric Weddle.

Eric hasn’t disclosed who else is part of the group, but Maclin did respond.

Over the past few months, Eric Weddle has helped recruit multiple new Ravens. A big part of the Tony Jefferson signing, and undoubtedly the biggest factor for Danny Woodhead’s arrival. Weddle’s recruitment has been quite the demonstration of team comradery; only a year with Baltimore and he’s helping Ozzie Newsome build a roster.

While tomorrow we’ll be on full alert for updates, tonight is still important for the recruitment of a potential Ravens wideout.

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