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Kimberly Jones: Jets reached out to Steve Smith about coming out of retirement.

Oh those Jets.

Baltimore Ravens v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Tuesday has been one relatively tense and eager day for the Baltimore Ravens and their fans as they keep a close eye on Jeremy Maclin's visit with the Buffalo Bills. In addition, the New York Jets told Eric Decker they will either trade or release the seven-year veteran this week, creating another formidable option out there on the market for the Ravens to potentially snatch up.

While that's been going on, a report by NFL Network's Kimberly Jones came out later on in the day that is sure to give Ravens fans and NFL fans in general a good laugh. Apparently, New York reached out to the now-retired former Ravens and Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith about a possible comeback.

Earlier that Tuesday afternoon, Smith went up to Jones in the NFL Network green room and told her the Jets had reached out to him. Smith told them he wasn't interested. Thinking about this for a second, the Jets were releasing David Harris and told Decker, who plays wide receiver, they were going to part-ways with him, then decided to reach out to a 37-year old receiver who just recently retired.

It is typical Jets to cut Brandon Marshall and potentially Decker (if they can't trade him), only to see if a guy five months into retirement is interested in playing for their team. Thing is, why would Smith even want to play for them? This is a team that is in a total rebuild mode and is looking at a top-3 pick in next years draft. This is a team currently is slated to have Josh McCown as its starting quarterback Week 1, with Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg also gunning for a chance. If there was even 1% of Smith's mind thinking about coming back, it’s not going to be with the Jets.

Since the Jets called him, lets just be happy Smith is not going to hurt his legacy by coming out of retirement to play for a team that might win three games this season, hasn't won a championship since the 1968 season, and has been world famous for their numerous gaffes over the last five decades. Oh those Jets always make everything fun.