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WR Jeremy Maclin to visit the Buffalo Bills


Kansas City Chiefs v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Within moments of his unexpected cut, Ravens fans were froathing at the mouth, desperate for Jeremy Maclin to sign with the Baltimore Ravens. Unfortunately, Maclin will be visiting a team with more cap space and former teammate, LeSean McCoy.

LeSean McCoy has been recruiting Maclin since McCoy’s charity softball game, per ESPN’s Mike Rodak.

As for the money portion, which is a big factor, Baltimore’s estimated around $3.66 million in cap space, according to Meanwhile, the Buffalo Bills wallet is almost quadruple in size with $12.33 million.

It’s very difficult to imagine the Ravens as Maclin’s decision. Both teams are capable of making the postseason, but the Bills can offer the Ravens entire cap space as just a signing bonus for the receiver. Fellow Ravens fans, don’t expect Jeremy to land with Baltimore, barring a wild Wizard of Oz miracle.