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Tim Williams has chance at double digit sacks

All the tools are in place for the pass rusher

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In the pick of Tim Williams, the Ravens brass shocked fans with their fourth defensive selection of the draft. Williams' reasons for falling in the draft are well documented, but as it stands, he is expected to step into Elvis Dumervil's old position and match his production.

With the rest of the draft and the acquisitions made in free agency, the Ravens have rounded off their defense, despite Tavon Young going down. The pass rush however, is a question mark that only Williams can answer. As he goes, the entire unit will go.

What will help Williams is the simplicity of his task. The defense as a unit does not need his contributions in other areas of the game. The run defense is already elite. The secondary is well rounded. Williams will have many third down opportunities to do what he does best. He has stepped into a perfect situation.

But even with all this being said, what will allow Williams to get to ten sacks are his skills. He is a special pass rusher. Our very own Mathew Cohen did a great job of highlighting his skillset but what remains to be said is how rare it is for rookie pass rushers to enter the league with a full arsenal of moves. Williams awareness when reading blockers is stellar. If tackles overset - which due to Williams' terrific get-off, they often will — Williams inside swim and spin are NFL patented. Even if he does not look especially strong in the lower body, his hand placement allows him to drive tackles back with his long arm bull rush. His feet keep driving, and he converts speed to power well enough.

Elvis Dumervil produced 17 sacks with two moves: his rip move and his speed-to-power bull rush. Tim Williams adds to those two, a devastating inside swim and on top of that, works within a better defense. Anything under 10 sacks would be on the disappointing side.