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Former Ravens linebacker Zachary Orr coming out of retirement

The All-Pro linebacker may return this season

January 20, 2017: Zachary Orr suddenly retires after discovering a congenital neck issue.

Today, June 28, Zach Orr announces his return, via Good Morning Football.

The news is real, and Zachary Orr will return to the football field.

Dan Graziano of ESPN tweets ‘Orr will visit the Lions on Thursday’.

With eight teams in the bidding, it’s highly likely the Baltimore Ravens are interested. His absence is clearly missed and multiple Ravens have already reached out in some fashion.

It’s hard to tell what will happen now, the Ravens cap space is tight and eight teams want the star product. Two of them rumored so far, Detroit Lions and the Raiders. Both teams cap space bigger than Baltimore’s. It won’t be easy for the Ravens to sign Zachary, they spent the money they originally wanted to pay Orr with, on multiple free agents this offseason, after his retirement.