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The Baltimore Ravens have the league’s 10th easiest schedule.

This should provide instant relief

NFL: Baltimore Ravens-Minicamp Patrick McDermott-USA TODAY Sports

Over the last decade, the Ravens have played in a division which routinely produces two or three playoff teams each season. All of that changed in 2016, when the Pittsburgh Steelers were the only team in the AFC North finishing above .500. Because of the level of competition in the North, the Ravens schedule has been tough the last few years, but relief may be on the way. Warren Sharp wrote a piece for Rotoworld, ranking the strength of schedule for all 32 NFL teams and you can read more about his methodology here.

10. The Ravens’ offense is not nearly as exciting as the Steelers or Packers, so the issue won’t be whether they build up quick leads in games and sit on the ball. However, the good news is that with this schedule, they should be able to run more. That inability cost them in 2016, as they called 67% pass plays and were the most imbalanced team in the NFL.

Nothing too in depth here, but Sharp’s analysis seems to be predicated on the quality of run defenses the Ravens face in 2017. As Sharp mentioned, no team was more unbalanced in their play calling than the Ravens. In an offense like the Ravens, with a QB like Joe Flacco, much of the team’s success will come from establishing the run game. Taking a look at Joe Flacco’s career, the Ravens have only made the playoffs one time when the team didn't boast a 1,000 yard rusher, and that was Flacco’s rookie year when the team’s defense was historically excellent.

Something that may also benefit the Ravens in 2017, they play the third easiest schedule in the AFC North, with only Cincinnati finishing ahead of them. For reference, the Browns play the league’s 15th easiest schedule, the Steelers coming in at 11. Hopefully, for the Ravens sake, these rankings are a legitimate reflection of their 2017 slate; every little bit helps.