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ICYMI: Tony Jefferson offers to sign fan’s jerseys

A jersey and an autograph?

NFL: Baltimore Ravens-Minicamp Patrick McDermott-USA TODAY Sports

NFL jerseys aren't cheap, ranging from $100-$150. On Monday, June 19, Ravens safety and recent free agent acquisition Tony Jefferson offered fans an exciting opportunity via Twitter if they buy his jersey.

That’s right, Tony Jefferson has offered to sign your jerseys if you send them to him! It’s awesome that NFL players recognize that jerseys aren't cheap and that fans love the return they can get on them. Autographed jerseys can start at $199 and go up from there. Tony Jefferson has won the hearts of Ravens fans over with his Twitter hints that he was interested in signing with the Ravens and his attempts at recruiting Jeremy Maclin. For those that are interested in taking advantage of this, Jefferson also posted an address to send your jerseys to.

If you want your jersey signed, make sure to send it to the Ravens training facility, but Jefferson didn't necessarily limit the autographs to just jerseys.

Again, anytime a player does something like this the fans are sure to love it! Hopefully Jefferson will make just as big of an impact on the field as he already has off of it.