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Terrell Suggs, “I’m the last of my kind”

Changing of the guard

Philadelphia Eagles v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The infamous Terrell Suggs is not only a Ravens linebacker with an appetite for violence on the gridiron, he’s a wise leader, knowing the game is changing around him.

“It’s a new era of Ravens,” Suggs said, during Day three of the Ravens mini-camp. “I’m the Vader of the group — the last of my kind. I like that, but you can’t deny a C.J. Mosley or a Brandon Williams, Eric Weddle, Tony Jefferson. The guys we have now are a new era of Ravens. It’s very fortunate of me to still be a part … to be the last piece of that transition.”

First, it’s always enjoyable to hear Sizzle bring up his affection of ‘nerdy’ tv and film during camps. Last season, he brought up Game of Thrones, even wearing a “Targaryen Stark ‘16” t-shirt. This camp, he references Darth Vader.

Sizzle is the last of a dying breed — the old Ravens. The tenacity of Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Chris McAlister, Peter Boulware, and countless others. They’ve all come and gone, and Suggs is the last from the old guard.

He isn’t upset, or worried, though. He’s confident in the Ravens future.

“It’s a good feeling, but it’s also exciting to see these young guys go out there and create the new era of Ravens with the statement they’re trying to make, too.”

Terrell isn’t only being the mentor though, he was asked if he will continue being the “big kid” he’s always acted with the team.

“I only know how to be Sizzle; everyone else is taken. I might as well just be myself. I’m going to have a tremendous amount of fun this year and in camp. I’m going to be a big kid.”