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Eric Decker update: why the Jets haven’t made a move yet

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

While #MaclinWatch2017 has taken over in Baltimore, another wide receiver will be on the move in the near future, Eric Decker. Unlike Jeremy Maclin however, Decker is not yet a free agent. According to Adam Schefter, the Jets wanted to get a trade done this past week, or they would release Decker.

Now, the week has passed, and no trade has been made. According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the Jets have not chosen to release Decker despite previous reports that they would if no trade was reached.

Rapoport is reporting that the Decker trade discussions will continue, as the Jets elected to keep Decker on the roster for now. This doesn’t mean that the Jets will not be releasing him, but instead will take more time in attempting to find a good trade offer.

The biggest reason why the Jets are still holding on to Decker likely ties back to Maclin. The Jets probably assumed that Maclin would have signed by now, which would increase the trade market for Decker. Based on this, the Jets will surely hold on to Decker until Maclin signs, so that whatever teams missed out on Maclin can make an aggressive offer for Decker. Unsurprisingly, the Jets would rather get something for Decker instead of just releasing him and receiving nothing.

The Jets reportedly approached the Ravens earlier in the week regarding a possible trade. However, the two sides were unable to come to an agreement. This was likely due to the Ravens inability to afford Decker’s current 2017 salary.

The Ravens are still firmly in the market for both Decker and Maclin, and either one would be a good fit for the team. For now, the Ravens will keep their attention on Maclin, and if they are unable to ink the former Chief to a deal, then Decker provides a very solid backup plan. It just may take a little more patience that originally expected.