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Breshad Perriman impressing thus far in OTAs

Is the former first round pick finally reaching his potential?

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Arguably the biggest story in Baltimore during the lead up to the pre-season will be the Ravens’ wide receiver situation. Many, including myself, have suggested that the Ravens look to bring in a wide receiver, but if the first wave of Organized Team Activities (OTAs) are any indication, the Ravens might not have to. Why? Because former first round pick Breshad Perriman looks like he may have finally turned the corner into becoming a productive receiver.

In OTAs Perriman has been very impressive. In fact, during a press conference on Thursday, tight end Dennis Pitta said,

“You look at Breshad, and nobody is having a better camp than him so far. He’s making big plays everywhere, catching everything thrown his way.”

Highlights of Perriman’s performance in OTAs on the Ravens official website prove this to be true. Perriman has made many big plays, including a spectacular catch as he fought through contact and a jersey tug from Tavon Young. Perriman has also made tough catches on the sideline, adjusting to Flacco’s throws and being able to make the catch while keeping two feet in bounds. Perriman’s impressive sideline catch featured on the Ravens website shows him coming back to the ball, and making the catch as he falls out of bounds, all against Jimmy Smith. All in all, Perriman has made many big plays, and many of them have been for touchdowns.

During his press conference on Thursday, Perriman talked about how he has seen his chemistry with Joe Flacco improve, and also how he has bettered his route running ability to include more than just going for the deep ball.

Perriman looks to have made the progress that the Ravens have been wanting to see since he was drafted. While it is a small sample size, Perriman’s claimed upgraded chemistry with Joe Flacco, in addition to extraordinary on the field displays have begun to give me confidence in him, and the wide receiver unit as a whole. If Perriman can step up as the number one receiver he was drafted to be, then the Ravens offense should be just fine. Thus far, it looks like Perriman is well on his way to reaching that goal.