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Filed under:’s Peter Schrager believes in the 2017 Baltimore Ravens

No way? We have something in common!

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images

“And guys, I think the Ravens—ten wins— is not too lofty a goal,” Peter Schrager, co-host of Good Morning Football said today. “I think they might challenge the Steelers and the Bengals for that AFC North title.”

Schrager brings up talking points Baltimore Beatdown has mentioned since the draft.

  1. Joe Flacco will be a season removed from the ACL injury
  2. Free agents signings were brilliant
  3. Draft — Defense
  4. Season was on the line with Steelers, Christmas Day matchup

“Joe Flacco. . . Coming off his second year off the major ACL surgery. Remember last year he’s coming off major ACL surgery, no one even mentioned it like, “Flacco’s going to be the same,” the second one is the big one. He’s comfortable in the pocket, he’s got that, now look.” — Peter Schrager, GMFB

One-hundred percent agree. We’ve seen the splits from Joe Flacco’s first and second eight games last season; the difference it made as he rehabilitated from injury. Though the best weapon, Steve Smith Sr., is absent, Joe will be more comfortable and productive, as the distance from the knee surgery lengthens.

“Defense. Got. Awesome,” Schrager exclaims. “They already had Eric Weddle, now we add Tony Jefferson, who is arguably the best defender in all of free agency last year. They join him with Weddle, now you have two veteran safeties, in that defense.”

It’s very quiet on the Tony Jefferson talk as of late. People aren’t realizing what Baltimore’s back-two are capable of. Last season it included Weddle playing all over the field, while Webb produced adequate results. Definitely not a bad tandem, I know many teams in this league are jealous of this combo. But the new Ravens safety group, by adding Tony Jefferson at starter, is a very big play. The two are known for hard-hitting, run-stopping and pass-deflecting. Both high-octane players.

“And then NFL draft, they go defense, defense, defense, defense. First four picks. They were one of the best defenses in the league last year, without this complete overhaul. I love what they’re getting back to, because that’s Ravens football.” — Peter Schrager, GMFB

The entire video is quite the ego boost for Ravens fans. This team is structured around defense, special teams, and just enough offense to push the team to victory. This year, Baltimore looks to have every key possible, with every position on the defensive side loaded to the brim. With Joe Flacco’s veteran game, and the Ravens strength on both sides of the trenches, ten wins isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

For the full video: Peter Schrager takes the Baltimore Ravens At 10 Wins