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Tyus Bowser's versatilty could jolt Ravens defense

NCAA Football: Texas Kickoff-Oklahoma vs Houston Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Tyus Bowser comes into the Ravens defense representing an injection of youth and athleticism that the dfense has needed for along time. Bowser has versitility to play snaps inside and outside. The Ravens front office, and specifically Ozzie Newsome, have affirmed that Bowser will compete for he SAM ilnebacker position with Albert McClellan. On third down however, is where Bowser's prowess as a pass rusher and his skill as a blitzer will be coming into focus.

Bowser's ability to bend the edge is second to none. His terrific three cone time matches what is seen on tape, as he shows better flexibility than the Ravens other pass rushing draftee, Tim Williams. This will allow him to be used in a role similar to the one he occupied at Houston, as a blitzer blitzing over the guard and slanting inside the B gap.

Bowser's athleticism will also serve tremendous divendends on early downs against spread formations. The Ravens have used their SAM linebacker in coverage on early downs since the days of Adalius Thomas and Jarrett Johnson. Dean Pees forced the issue with Courtney Upshaw and Albert McClellan being less than adequate in zone coverage but in Bowser, Ozzie Newsome has provided Pees with the best coverage SAM since Thomas. Overload blitzes should be in vogue. The Ravens no longer have a weak spot to be exploited in coverage.

The Ravens have needed a boost in athleticism in that spot for the entirety Of Dean Pees' tenure. Bowser brings it to the table.