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Joe Mathis presents late round value

NCAA Football: Utah State at Washington Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens have made enough moves on defense in free agency to allow themselves to use the early rounds of the 2017 NFL Draft to bolster the offensive side of the ball. If the first two rounds are used to bolster the offense, finding value in the later rounds of the draft to help the pass rush becomes a likely scenario.

Joe Mathis represents that value. The pass rusher out of Washington failed to finish the season due to injury, which will in turn cause him the slip down the draft boards.

Mathis is not the edge burner that the Ravens would use to scheme their pass rush but Pro Football Focus has compared him to the current version of Terrell Suggs. Mathis' raw power is unmatched in the draft. Washington's destruction of Stanford shows it off (1.37 of video).

Mathis does not have a lot of experience under his belt, only playing six games in his senior season. His burst of the line of scrimmage is only average. Nevertheless, If he Ravens are to trade down in the third round or (the more likely scenario) trade up in the forth round, the selection of Mathis would be almost too good to be true.